SQ Yacht Design – where classic features meet modern design.

SQ Yacht Design is specialized in worldclass design of performance cruising and racing yachts. What started out as a smallscale business has 20 years later become a flourishing industry, releasing a new yacht model every year.

Naval architect Stefan Qviberg began his career as a shipbuilder. He now runs SQ Yacht Design as an engineering business, specially oriented in designing cruising and racing yachts. The sophisticated, streamlined design is reflected in the yacht’s size, power and speed and combines an exclusively designed cruiser with great performance, where classic features meet modern design.
Stefan Qviberg’s designs are made in CAD and later transferred to the boatyard’s CNCrouting and molding process.

The hull, deck and details are casted in fiberglass, using vacuum injection and advanced state of the art technology, whereas the interior is made in exclusive mahogany and teak.

The whole turn out is extremely efficient and guarantees great precision of the vessel construction.

Between 50-60 yachts of Stefan Qviberg’s design leaves the boatyard every year, a great number of which are exported over seas.
SQ Design’s latest project is the Arcona 410, a modern 40-foot cruiser/racer, which will premierin June 2011. The Arcona 410 is a sequel of the topseller Arcona 400. Other epic models designed by Stefan Qviberg are Arcona 340, 370 and 460.

At the Düsseldorf Fair in 2009 the Arcona 430 was appointed the European Yacht of the Year in the category for performance cruisers.

Contact us at Stefan@sqyachtdesign.se or telephone 070.541 52 61